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* Apple Core *

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* Apple Core *

Apple Core Pattern
by Susan Allen

Instructions to make a Wallhanging [(25" x 25")-uses 1 panel], Small/Baby [(41" x 49")-uses 4 panels], or Lap [(59" x 75")- uses 8 panels] sized apple core quilt.  You will be sewing a traditionally difficult quilt with ease.  No curved piecing!  The magic is in the Apple Core fusible printed interfacing.  Stitch on the solid line.  Trim on the dashed line.  Turn right side out and finger press.  Fuse to the background and zigzag stitch in place.  It is that easy!  Quiltsmart printed interfacing is not included with the pattern.

To purchase the kit(includes these instructions plus 8 panels of printed interfacing), click here.

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